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Top 50 Desktop Themes, Screensavers and Wallpapers

Bees Screensavers

Birds And Bees Screensaver
13 great pictures of very colorful birds and bees and some brightly color flowers and trees. Music Birds And Bees. Enjoy Jeanie

The Birds And The bees Screensaver
A matching screen saver to Birds and Bees theme.Four beautiful hummingbirds and the sounds of The Flight Of The Bumble Bee.
(1313 Kb)

Bears, Bees And Petunias Screensaver
a happy family of bears, or are they bees. much to see and enjoy in this lighthearted saver. midi music fits the scene and the mood. be patient, other critters will be stopping by.

Bees Screensaver
Cool bees swarm around on your desktop to The devil went down to Georgia. Transparent.

Bumble Bees Screensaver
Bees on transparent background.

Buzzing Bees Screensaver
Little bees floating around on transparent background

Bees Winamp Skins

Pooh And The Honey bees Winamp Skin
Pooh is resting and waiting for all the Bees to help him fill up his new Honey Pot. Enjoy Jeanie

The Birds And The bees Winamp Skin
Matching winamp to desktop theme, hotbar and wallpaper.
(133 Kb)

Bees Wallpapers

The Birds And The bees Wallpaper
Wallpaper to theme of same name has matching hotbar and winamp.
(114 Kb)

Cactus Bloom & Bees Wallpaper
A beautiful white cactus bloom with bees.

Busy Bees Wallpaper
Cute bees collecting the pollen, created by Sally

Bees Desktop Themes

The Birds And The bees Desktop Theme
Five beautiful hummingbird wallpapers to choose from in this one theme. The sounds are from Flight Of the Bumblebee. All original icons and cursors.
(1648 Kb)

The Bees Desktop Theme
The Band and Other "B" Bands ~ Original release date: 10/26/1998 This updated version is self installing to your Plus! Themes file. Two wallpapers resized to correctly fit both 640x480 and 800x600 resolutions.
(1507 Kb)

The Bees Desktop Theme
Colorful psychedelic bckgrnd ~ sounds feature The Band and other "B" Bands
(1265 Kb)

Busy Bees Desktop Theme
These bees are busily gathering honey to the tune of Glenn Millers In the Mood. This is seventh in the Scripture Pals series.

The Birds And The bees Desktop Theme
Look closely to see the little hummingbirds and bees in this explosion of flowers; custom icons, anis and cursors. Matching hotbar, winamp and wallpaper available separately.
(713 Kb)

Baby Bash Baby beesh theme with screensaver Desktop Theme
Hello. I love this guy! The theme consists of a wallpaper (size 1024x768), appearances, a screensaver with music that can be muted, and no annoying sounds. Thanks.

Bees Hotbars

The Birds And The bees Hotbar
Matching hotbar to desktop theme, winamp and wallpaper.

Bees Outlook Stationeries

Pooh And The Hunny bees Outlook Stationery
Pooh is resting and waiting for all the Bees to help him fill up his new Honey Pot. Enjoy Jeanie

Misc Bees Outlook Stationery
Curtains opens with scroll little image.
(146 Kb)

Gone With The Wind Wallpaper

Edgar Degas Screen Saver

Jennifer lopez wallpaper

Mila Jovovich Kate Bush Faith hill and others Screensaver

A New Day Has come d Screensaver

Alyssa Milano Wallpaper

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A Cinderella Story Screenaver

The Day After Tomorrow Screensaver

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